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2014 Presidents Award

The 2014 President’s Award is……awarded to someone, not necessarily an association member, who has made a significant contribution to our industry.

In recent weeks some of our members have expressed concern for a good friend of our industry who unfortunately has fallen very ill and could not be with us here this weekend.  Many of you will remember Hugh Sangster, a big supporter and long time proponent of the Auction Industry.

It was probably 10 or 15 years ago at a convention in Camrose that Hugh & Jodi Linstrand ran into each other in the hotel lobby and struck up a conversation, well after a while and maybe a couple of drinks  the ideas were starting to come to life.  These guys figured it might be a good idea for the Ad-Viser/Ag-Viser to become a major sponsor of our convention in part by donating advertising to be auctioned off to convention attendees.  This was a huge hit.  It went on for several years and provided excellent revenue for the convention and a whole lot of fun for everyone involved.  Eventually, Hugh moved to the Wheel & Deal and encouraged them to continue with this worth while effort.  They responded whole heartedly.

Well, now years down the road here we are in the wonderful position of having support from both companies and interest from others hoping to be involved in our convention and competitions that continue to grow and evolve to this day.

These contributions by Hugh and his organizations at the time were very much appreciated, but little did we know that over the years they would become absolute pillars of our convention and our association.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would invite you all to rise and toast your glass to this years President’s Award winner……Mr. Hugh Sangster


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