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Global College of Auctioneering Opens in Alberta

Global College of Auctioneering Ltd. is dedicated to producing champions, award-winning auctioneers who are versatile, quick witted and dedicated to enhancing the trade on all its aspects.

Rod Burnett, the school’s president, was born and raised in the business. 

As a third-generation auctioneer who has conducted over 3,800 sales, he ensures all his students are trained by the foremost leaders in the industry.

The eight-time champion said the college trains prospective auctioneers to the highest standard of professionalism, teaching them everything they need to know to become successful themselves.

“We are truly raising the bar across Canada and North America in the quality of education and auctioneers getting turned into the field,” Burnett said.  “The auction industry needs to be more professional and that’s why we only hire the best there is.”

Students are trained by champion auctioneers who have won state, provincial, national and

international awards.  They are taught expert chants in various industry genres, livestock, auto, antique, classic cars, farms and industrial among others.

“Most of us have been involved with ground-up operations,” he explained.  “Whether it was a livestock market, furniture sale or a multi-million dollar wholesale car auction, we’ve all been there from the ground up.  It gives us a broad perspective to pass onto the students coming on for schooling.”

Global College students will learn to think on their feet and be able to anticipate and react to situations during a live auction.  They are taught to master professionalism behind the mic and in front of crowds.

Along with learning how to establish and conduct sales, students also gain a thorough understanding of all the positions involved.

“Knowing all the aspects makes you a better auctioneer,” he added.  “We will teach you the business side of the industry along with the auctioneer side and show you that its not an individual effort, but a team effort.  You have to be a well-rounded individual in the auction business.”

Global College of Auctioneering Ltd. next class will be held February 18 – 27, 2017. 
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